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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How much luggage allowance do I have?

    Package Holidays

    When you book a package holiday, your luggage is automatically included in the price shown. Unless you have taken this option off you will be allowed to take one suitcase per person and one free hand luggage 5kg). Your suitcase baggage allowance will depend on the flight you are traveling on. For example Thomas Cook flights generally allow 15kg per person on their packages, whereas Cosmos allow 20kg per person. It is always best to refer to the baggage policy of the flight you are traveling on or on the other hand, keep it simple... just call us on 01924 459888, and let us do all the hard work.


    DIY Package/Flight Only

    When you book a DIY Package or a flight only, you will be given an option to add a suitcase on to your booking as most airlines charge for a suitcase allowance. If you have paid for this then the allowance will be shown on your flight confirmation. If you chose not to take this option then you are only allowed to take a FREE hand luggage on board the plane (hand luggage dimensions apply).


    Hand Luggage

    Each airline allows the passenger to take a FREE hand luggage. The size is generally 55cm x 40cm x 20cm.

    Ryan Air - 10kg Hand Luggage

    Easy Jet - 10kg Hand Luggage

    Jet 2 - 10kg Hand Luggage

    Thomas Cook - 5kg Hand Luggage

    Thomson - 5kg Hand Luggage

    Monarch - 5kg Hand Luggage

    BMI Baby - 5kg Hand Luggage


    Can I take a pushchair or wheelchair with me, and does this count towards my luggage allowance?

    Collapsible pushchair and wheelchairs may be carried free of charge on all airlines in addition to your main baggage allowance. You must inform QPS Travel if you are taking your own wheel chair on the flight as we need to inform the airline on your behalf. The airline may store these items in the hold of the aircraft

    Can we share our luggage allowance with other passengers?

    Some airlines do not allow you to share luggage allowances between your party. i.e. if you have 2 suitcases between two passengers at 15kg per suitcase, some airlines will NOT allow you take just one suitcase with 30kg, even though you have 30kg allowance between the two of you. They require that you take two suitcases with a maximum of 15kg in each. Therefore it is best to check the terms of the airline you are traveling with to make sure... or just call us and let us do the hard work for you.


    Is my handbag or laptop part of my Hand Luggage?

    Yes it will be included as part of your hand luggage


    Can I bring back alcohol or cigarettes from my holiday?

     Yes you can bring back with you a certain amount of alcohol and cigarettes from your holiday. The amount allowed varies between each country. Please check the HM Revenue & Customs for more information.

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