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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Booking and Paying for your Holiday

    QPS Travel is  fully ATOL PROTECTED

    At QPS Travel, all bookings made online with us involving flights and hotel are ATOL Protected. Even when booking flight only you are protected with our Airline Failure Insurance (AFI), so all you should worry about is packing the right stuff for your holiday.


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  2. Managing your Booking

    How will I know you have received my booking?

    Once you have booked with us, you will receive a confirmation number. This confirmation will show you your booking reference number if you have booked a package holiday. If you have booked a DIY package - flight and hotel booking - you will receive separate reference numbers for your flights and your hotel. The cost of your holiday will also be on this confirmation.

    If you don't receive a confirmation number, then your holiday may not have been confirmed and you should call us on 01924 459888.

    When will I receive my tickets?

    Package Holidays

    If you are booking your holiday more than 4 weeks before you travel then you will receive your tickets by post.


    DIY Package

    If you have booked a DIY Package (ATOL Protected), then you have booked your flights and hotel separately and as such will have separate confirmation number for both your flights and hotel. Your Flight Voucher shows your flight reference number, consisting of numbers and letters, in the top left or right corner.

    All airlines shown below require you to check in online to be able to print out your boarding passes. If this is not done then they could charge you an issuing fee at the airport:





    At QPS Travel we pride ourselves in our customer service and as such we will do the online check in for you. However please be aware that in order for us to do this we will need passport details for all traveling passengers to check-in online 2 weeks prior to departure. QPS Travel cannot be made liable if this information is not provided to us.  

    For a small charge, we can select your preferred seats online, including extra leg room seats. This is generally available between 28 days and 5 days before departure. If you do not wish to choose your seats online before you fly, seats will be allocated on a first come, first served basis either at the check-in desk or whilst boarding the plane. Please note that, for safety reasons, emergency exit seats are only suitable for able-bodied adults as the occupants may be called upon to assist the crew in the unlikely event of an emergency. Airlines cannot allow children or infants in these seats and that children/infants must be seated with their parents or guardians on the flight.


    Flight Only Bookings

    The procedure for Flight Only bookings is the same as DIY Package. Please check the information above.


    What do I do if my travel details are incorrect?

    Please check all the details on your confirmation and tickets carefully when you receive them. If any details are incorrect, please contact us as soon as possible and we will assist you as best we can. 

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